Cyclica:  Enabling Safer Drugs/Compounds

Cyclica is focused on using the latest big data and applied analytic techniques to increase productivity in pharmaceutical research and development.

To date, in silico drug discovery has been both time-consuming and unreliable. First, conducting simulations on all proteins in the body for each testable molecule has not been practical due to the computing power necessary. Second, proteins have historically been represented as static structures, but in reality, they are flexible and dynamic.

Ligand Express™ models the dynamic state of proteins, enabling the discovery of interactions that existing approaches will typically miss. In addition, this provides an effective means to index and search all proteins in the human body for drug-protein interactions, reducing computing time from months into days.

With the ability to quickly and efficiently predict a drug's interactions with the human body, clients and partners have access to in-depth reports for anticipating risks and making informed R&D investment decisions. Cyclica is streamlining the drug discovery process, making medication safer for everyone.

Cyclica improves drug discovery pipelines by identifying expensive risks such as side effects, toxicity, and lack of efficacy. Ligand Express™ is a fast and effective platform that models proteins, then searches all the proteins in the human body for potential drug-protein interactions. 

Cyclica is more than a Big Data company. We develop next generation technologies to address the rising cost of R&D in drug discovery and low regulatory approval rates of pharmaceutical products, reducing the risk and time to market for promising therapeutic leads.